The most common questions we are frequently asked
    • Why/how is bamboo the only renewable wood source? 
      • In order for something to be a truly renewable resource, it must renew itself in 10 years or less. No wood on the planet does this except bamboo. Trees take 20-60 years to renew once cut down. Bamboo regenerates to maturity in 4-6 years. 
    • Do you clear cut bamboo? 
      • Only if the bamboo in question is contracted for complete removal. Other than that, bamboo is hand selected each year for maturity between 4-6 years. (Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular material with environmentally conscious consumers because it’s one of the most sustainable resources available. As long as farmers harvest it responsibly, bamboo can regenerate itself indefinitely without human intervention or synthetic fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides.) 
    • Do you farm bamboo for charcoal? 
      • Yes, we currently have a small farm planted but will increase our farming capabilities as we are able. 
    • Why is bamboo charcoal the best? 
      • Bamboo charcoal has the highest pore ratio of any carbonized wood with 600-800 square meters of surface area per gram of charcoal. Simply put, bamboo charcoal burns cleaner and longer than any charcoal. 
    • Can Blackwood Bamboo Charcoal be used in other applications besides grilling? 
      • Yes! Our all natural no additive charcoal can be used in numerous ways around the house. Our charcoal can be placed in the fridge to absorb odors and excess moisture, placed under beds and in closets to absorb odors and moisture. You can crush our charcoal and mix it into potting soil for water retention and less watering of your plants. Put a decorative bowl full of charcoal in every room for air purification. The uses are practically endless. See our charcoal use page.