Who We Are

About our Company:

Blackwood Bamboo stands in the gap of deforestation and Ecological restoration. No trees are harmed in the making of our products. Bamboo is the worlds only renewable wood by definition and most of it in the United States is invasive. Poor planting or unmanaged planting has made bamboo more of a nuisance than anything else. We are changing that with every bag of charcoal we produce. Every time you fire up your grill with Blackwood Bamboo you are making a huge impact on the environment around you. You are single handedly lowering the demand for deforestation of trees to create charcoal as well as fighting invasive takeover of your local ecology. Congrats and thank you for your support.


Services and Products:

We focus on Ecological Restoration by removing invasive or improperly managed bamboo. By consistent removal and harvest, we are able to encourage natural ecosystems to rebuild and thrive.

We also consign and harvest from healthy groves that would otherwise be a detriment to homeowners. This program is selective by maturity of the grove however, it brings great value to homeowners who would otherwise have no relative value in their bamboo grove.

Hate it? We can: Remove all bamboo from your property. Love it? We can thin, and or clean your bamboo stand in order to encourage specific and healthy growth.


Meet the Person:

Jeremiah Brown: Jesus at the center, Husband of the most beautiful woman on the planet, Papa of two amazing souls. Loves, all things bamboo, camping, soccer, and outdoors.