Bamboo Removal: 
    • Remove: Complete removal of unwanted bamboo stands. Bamboo will be cut to ground level. Monthly maintenance will be necessary to eradicate bamboo over time.  
    • Thin: Thinning a grove creates a healthier more vibrant and larger producing stand of bamboo. If you love your bamboo and want a healthier grove or simply a grove that you can enjoy walking in. We have the skill to help you achieve your goals.  
    • Clean: We can remove dead and unwanted bamboo from a grove and help to make a mess of bamboo into a sanctuary for relaxing.  

Bamboo Containment: 

    • Blackwood Bamboo offers invasive bamboo containment. This containment involves trenching around your bamboo in order to stop the spread of the bamboo rhizome. Contact us today for a tailored consultation. Every job has similarities, however every job also has its own challenges and vision for outcome. We will cater to your individual needs as well as give you a game-plan for taking care of your bamboo whether you use Blackwood or not. 

Running bamboos Rhizome can spread up to 30ft a year in the fall and winter.


Trenching easily contains bamboo growth and provides an efficient and stress free way to control rhizome growth each year.

Trenching stops the spread of the invasiveness of bamboo and encourages the native ecology to thrive around a managed grove. You can have the best of both worlds with minimal upkeep each season.